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Ag / Energy Enterprises LLC (AEE) is a consulting firm focused on the nexus of agriculture, energy, economics, and the environment.

American Samoa: Pigs in Paradise
Marianas Slaughter-
house Feasibility Study
Project activities include:
Ag/Energy Enterprises LLC 2011
BioEnergy Systems LLC
American Samoa
Marianas Grazing and
Livestock Management Academy
& Slaughterhouse Feasibility Study
AEE, a part of International Bioenergy Systems LLC, focuses on agricultural development projects worldwide.
a comprehensive program initiated in 2001 focused on piggery waste management systems and technologies.

The program has had significant water quality and human health benefits for Tutuila and other islands in American Samoa.
Pigs in Paradise
American Samoa:
Dry Litter Technology Summit
The Natural Resources Conservation Service, the University of Hawaii, various local academic and nonprofit organizations, and numerous producers are now using the methods developed under this project in other islands throughout the Pacific.
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